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JTWhatsapp APK Download

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Get the recently updated version of JTWhatsApp APK 9.95 which is going to impress you with its cool features. 

Hide Gallery. Advance Tool. iOS Style. Custom Contact - Colors. Plus Features.

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Latest Version9.95
Size71.3 MB
Last Updated01,Jan, 2024
Read InEnglish,Portuguese

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What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsApp is opening up a whole new trend for those who do not like to be restricted in their communications. It is a third-party best app with it’s amazing and upgraded features. The Jim Tech developers created it for people who love advanced technology.

With this third-party app, there are additional options, like disappearing messages for unexpected talks, animated stickers that adjust to your mood, and group video calls that make every chat session seem like an online party. But unfortunately, Whatsapp official  haven’t included these kinds of options. WhatsApp apk takes security seriously, so it’s not only about having fun. Your messages are protected by end-to-end encryption, two-step verification, and regular privacy upgrades. 

The best part of the app is regular updates. JTWhatApp is not simply about following the trends, with its user-friendly layout and dedication to privacy, it’s an upgrade for the digital lifestyle. You are simply going to fall in love with this most user-friendly app after reading this Article. 

JTWhatsapp Download v9.94 APK Updated Version (2024)

Use Of JTWhatsApp APK

JTWhatsapp is not available on the Google Play Store for Android since it is third-party software created by developers rather than an official version of WhatsApp. You need the JT Whatsapp APK file; don’t worry, we will help you in getting the most safe and secure way to install this app on your device. It is easily available for download in APK format by clicking the button in the installation tutorial section.

The WhatsApp JT APK file has to be downloaded from a reliable third-party source. Whatsjt.net is a dependable source that offers a safe JTWA file. Also, you will get all the tips and tricks for the installation and download process and other guides as well, so feel free to distribute the most recent JT WhatsApp app version to your business partners and other people. .Never forget to create a complete backup of your JTWhatsApp data before starting an upgrade.

JTWhatsapp APK Screenshots

JTWhatsapp Features

Animated Stickers

Animated stickers boost your expressive game by adding colour to your thoughts. With their funny dances and touching gestures, these stickers give your online chats an entirely new look.

Group Video Calls

With additional capabilities, you can transform your group video conversations into virtual hangouts. Experience a smooth interaction with friends and family where every discussion happens in person

Customizable Themes

Cool Flexible themes, make JTWhatsApp uniquely yours by customizing your chat. Select fonts, colours, and backgrounds that convey your style and attitude.


Disappearing Messages

Use the disappearing messages function to put privacy first. To add even more privacy to your discussions, set a timer and see your messages disappear once they are read.

Different Languages​

With support for many languages, you can overcome language hurdles. No matter what language you speak, JTWhatsApp makes sure that communication is smooth.

JTWhatsApp Restore Backup

Protect your discussions and memories by using the restore backup function when you update your App. Restoring your data is simple and allows for a smooth transition, whether you are changing devices or reinstalling the application.

JTWhatsapp Themes

In the latest version, you can load, download, restore, keep, and delete themes whenever you want. even you can’t see these features in WhatsApp.

Dark and White Mode

You can have any dark or white mode as per your choice in JTWP to make your visual experience more cool. You can get it by tapping on the moon icon on the main screen and choose dark or white mode. 


Everything revolves around security. JTWhatsApp offers modern privacy features that guarantee the safety and privacy of your messages, such as end-to-end encryption and two-step authentication.

Hide Media from Gallery

This is one of the problems that many people face, and gladly, this app allows you to hide media from gallery. That’s how you can protect your privacy.

Status Scheduler

Change the fonts to add a unique touch. Give your conversations something unique by customizing the appearance of your messages with a variety of font options.

Smart Reply Assistant

Utilize the Smart Reply Assistant to speed up your replies by providing thoughtful recommendations predicated on the context of the conversation. Maintain the flow of the discussion by responding quickly.

JTWhatsaApp Security and Privacy

Hide View Status

This feature is for you if you want people should not know when you have seen their status. one of the most cool features that JTWP has introduced. This will add even more care to your online interactions. Decide when to say that you have looked at someone’s status.

Safe Links Preview

Shield yourself from potential cyber threats with Safe Links Preview. JTWhatsApp previews links in a secure environment, allowing you to assess their safety before clicking, providing a safeguard against suspicious links.

Freeze Last Seen

The Freeze Last Seen function gives you control over how people see you online. You may control your availability and privacy by selecting the time at which your last seen status is displayed. 

Security Alerts

JTWhatsApp’s Security Alerts can help you be watchful. You will be able to take immediate action and protect your account from unwanted access if you receive notifications when someone accesses it from a new device.

Who Can Call You

You can use the “Who Can Call You” function to manage your calling experience. Give yourself control over when you are available and maintain the privacy you want by defining who can make the first move in a call.

Hide blue tick

This app gives you the maximum privacy options and hiding blue tick is one of them. You can easily hide the blue tick option, just like official WhatsApp.

Unlimited pin chat

As you know, in offical WhatsApp, you can pin only three chats, while here, you can pin multiple chats. 

Anti-ban feature

allow you to use multiple accounts without fear of getting banned from WhatsApp. You can use this feature in the JTWhatsapp apk. Because JTWhatsapp apk is built by a powerful developer, you cannot get caught by WhatsApp, and this is a trustworthy app in all aspects.

Apply iOS Look

Open the JT WhatsApp app and navigate to the Universal settings. You will find a number of options in this menu, such as WhatsApp and iOS style selections. When you choose the iOS look option, an iOS-styled interface will download. You’ll be able to enjoy a new and unique visual experience as your JTWhatsApp app will adapt to the look of iOS with ease.

JT App Language

Disable the badge counter

Change emoji colors

Features Of JTWhatsapp APK and Whatsapp

Recover delete Messages

Edit Messages
Hide Online Status Updates
DND Mode
Add Customization Options
App Security Lock
Story Likes Option Like Instagram
Character Limit on Status255139
Customize Emotions and Stickers
Airplane Mode
Different Contacts Color
Customizable Notification Settings
Custom Backup And Restore Feature
Send / Receive Bulk Messages
Additional Privacy Control Options
Additional Unique Features
Schedule Messages

Why Is JTWhatsapp Plus By JiMods v9.95 Is First Choice?

We use JTWhatsapp Plus in our daily routine for connecting with our loved ones. JTWhatsapp or JTwhatsapp Plus JiMOD has no difference, and it’s a modified version of Whatsapp that provides us ease with its unique features in communication. 

  1. Anti-Ban Protection: It offers protection against WhatsApp account bans.
  2. Enhanced Customization: JIMods provides more options for customizing the app’s appearance, including themes, fonts, and colors.
  3. Extended Media Sharing Limits: Easy to allows users to share larger media files compared to the official WhatsApp version.
  4. Privacy Settings: Giving additional privacy options that go beyond what the official WhatsApp provides.
  5. Hidden Online Status: Included an option to hide your online status while using the app.
  6. Advanced Security Features:  Providing extra security measures for protecting user data.
  7. Updated Emojis and Friendly Interface: you get the latest emojis and user friendly interface upgradess.

How to Download JTWhatsApp APK latest version 2024?

To get the latest version of JTWhatsApp or WhatsApp JT plus on Android, follow these easy steps:

  • Click the download button.
  • The APK file (Watsjt.net) will start downloading, taking a few seconds.
  • Open the file and click “Install.”
  • Before installing JTWhatsApp, enable unknown apps in your Android settings.
  • The installation process is quick.
  • Add your number for JTWhatsApp confirmation.
  • You can use two accounts simultaneously.
  • Choose your language.
  • JTWhatsApp is also available for use on PC.
jtwhatsapp apk

How to Install JTWhatsapp?

  1. Click on the “install” option to initiate the installation process.
  2. The installation will begin automatically.
  3. After installation, grant the app the necessary permissions to access your phone contacts and media.
  4. Confirm your number to allow the app to install all its features seamlessly.

Enjoy the new version of JTWhatsApp, making use of its ultimate features for an enhanced messaging experience.

Top Benefits of JTWhatsApp

  1. You can easily chat without displaying your online status. 
  2. Delete specific messages from both your and the recipient’s chat.
  3. Complete control over your communication.
  4. You can hide your Blue tick whenever you want. 
  5. Assign unique notification tones to contacts or groups.
  6. Choose who can download your shared media.
  7. Control access to photos and videos you share.
  8. Strengthen security with individual chat locks.
  9. Access sensitive conversations with a fingerprint or passcode.
  10. Share a live location for precise navigation.
  11. Facilitates seamless meetups with friends and family.
  12. Break down language barriers within the chat interface in JTWhatsapp
  13. Easy communication with contacts who speak different languages.
  14. Manage multiple accounts with a single app and Get the latest themes.
  15. Ideal for users having personal and professional conversations.
  16. Increased participant limits for larger group calls.
  17. Improved call quality and advanced features for a seamless experience.
  18. Share dynamic updates, polls, and engaging content.
  19. Create an interactive and lively digital presence.
  20. Automatically categorize photos, videos, and documents.
  21. Streamline media management for easy file retrieval.
  22. Set up filters to categorize or prioritize messages. 
  23. Set the chat forward limit to 250.


The Latest Update For JTWhatsApp Is Version 9.95

  1. The latest update for JTWhatsApp is version 9.95. 

  2. Bugs from versions 9.71, 9.72, 9.83, and 9.85 have been fixed.
  3. This update introduces new and improved features.
  4. APK file size is 62 MB, and the base update is
  5. Android 11+ users can now back up media.
  6. Users can send audio and media files up to 100 MB.
  7. A new iOS-style Emoji pack has been added.
  8. Editing messages is now more user-friendly.
  9. Users can receive pinned messages.
  10. JTWhatsApp 9.92 is anticipated soon. 

Pros And Cons of JTWhatsApp


  1. Innovative Features
  2. Enhanced Customization Options
  3. Improved Security and Privacy
  4. Regular Updates and Bug Fixes
  5. Expanded Media Sharing Controls
  6. Multi-Account Support
  7. Additional Privacy Features
  8. Community Engagement and Support
  9. Increased File Sharing Limits
  10. Dynamic and Interactive Status


  1. Compatibility Issues with Some Devices.
  2. Limited Official Support.
  3. Dependency on Third-Party Sources.
  4. Varying User Experiences.
  5. Not Available on Official App Stores.

How To Recover Chats Using JTWhatsApp APK?

  • Install the latest JTWhatsApp APK.
  • Tap on “JTWHATSAPP,” located at the top right corner.
  • Go to “Universal Settings.”
  • Find the “Backup and Restore” option in this menu.
  • Click on “Restore WhatsApp Data” and enjoy.

How To Efficiently Handle Storage In WhatsApp JT?

  1. Open the JTWhatsApp application and locate the three dots at the top right corner.
  2. Click on the dots to access a pop-up menu.
  3. From the menu, select the “Settings” option.
  4. In the Settings menu, Go to the “Data and Storage” section.
  5. Look for the “Manage” option within this section.
  6. Once found, you’ll see a list of people you have chatted with and the files you have sent or received.
  7. Look over the list for a moment and mark any files that are not important. It will help to clear up storage space if these files are deleted.
  8. This kind of storage optimization will help you guarantee smooth app performance.


JT WhatsApp is exclusive to Android devices and isn’t compatible with iPhones. Nevertheless, you have the option to download the iOS theme from the settings and apply it on your Android device for a similar visual experience.

The current version of JTWhatsApp is 9.95

yes, JT WhatsApp, like the original WhatsApp, is typically available for free. 

The safety of the JT WhatsApp APK or any modified version of an application depends on where you download it from. If you download the APK from a reputable source, it is generally considered safe. However, using modified versions of apps always carries some risks.

By ensuring that you use a reliable source, such as whatsjt.net. Afterward, click the download button and proceed to install JTWhatsApp safely.

JTWhatsApp and JTWhatsApp Plus are similar as they both offer exceptional features in today’s modern world.

JT Business WhatsApp Plus is an alternative JT app that offers extra business-related features for WhatsApp.

Some of the old versions of JTWhatsApp were JT 9.60, 9.62, 9.63, 9.65, 9.66, 9.70, and 9.71.

How to Connect a PC to JTWhatsApp Apk?

Follow these steps to connect JT WhatsApp to your PC via QR code scanning:

  • Open the application and select “JTWhatsApp Web” from the main menu, or launch it in Noxplayer.
  • The camera on your device will open and show a QR code.
  • Using the PC’s camera, scan the QR code by opening the WhatsApp Web app.
  • Your PC will be connected to your JT WhatsApp account after the QR code has been scanned, allowing you to view your chats and messages from your computer. 


JTWhatsApp stands out as an excellent substitute for the standard WhatsApp App, ideal for those seeking a more personalized chatting and calling experience. Having personally explored and tested all of JTWA’s features.  The app is truly impressive, showcasing powerful tools that are sure to leave you amazed. Additionally, JTWhatsApp boasts an edge over other modified versions like TMWhatsApp, MBWhatsApp, KBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp by offering a broader range of features. It’s a standout choice for those looking to enhance their messaging experience.